Which Bus Company takes you to Goa from Chennai? for explore

Which Bus Company takes you to Goa from Chennai?


Chennai gives the vacationer a total involvement with minimal left unchecked. I was on a vacation to explore the South India. Suddenly, I came up with plans of visiting Goa. I could not get any flight or train tickets, as it was a prompt plan; I managed to book online bus tickets from https://www.redbus.in/bus-tickets/ and opted to travel by a Sea Bird Tourist Ac Semi sleeper Bus (as suggested by a friend). It was a long journey of almost 20 hours and the bus came with well-equipped amenities.

Chennai has everything from shorelines, great landmarks, sanctuaries, holy places to houses of worship. The city is an unobtrusively comprehensive goal. Some of the attractions that I have visited are the Marina shoreline, a Portuguese church, Kapileswara sanctuary and some more. Chennai is a city with diverse experiences to offer. This city offers a plenty of places to stay at depending on the cash stashed in their pockets.

Goa on the other hand is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India. I boarded the bus from Egmore at 3:00pm and reached Panjim in Goa the next day at 11:00am. The bus gave rest stops and the staff made sure that all passengers were travelling in ease.

A bus ride from Chennai to Goa is an intriguing one, as you will outperform beautiful towns, varied sights, green fields and diversified localities. Alluded to as the city of churches by numerous, the lifestyle of Goa has the holding up effect of being a Portugal settlement. Unmistakably not exactly, the same as whatever is left of the country, Goa has trademark splendid houses, luxurious green fields and a reducing apathy in the atmosphere. The dumbfounding towns of Goa are ideal for a laid-back morning walk or an impulsive night strolling at all times.

Overall, I had a heartfelt experience of heading out to Goa by bus and an amazing stay in Chennai!

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