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White Plains, Westchester, NY, United States for 5 Magnificent Sights to View Stunning Fall Foliage in Westchester, New York

Seasonal magic is unfolding as you read these words. Nature is full of wonders, and the time is ripe to witness one of the fall’s most incredible displays – the vibrant foliage. If spending a weekend traversing the countryside in search of the very best sights to take in nature’s colorful show is your cup of tea, then we’ve got the ideal destination for you.


Fall Foliage Westchester – Where to Leaf Peep

Westchester, New York, which lies along the shores of the Hudson River and sits within the foothills of the Hudson Highlands, is every leaf peepers dream come true. An easy hour drive outside of New York City, Westchester is comprised of dozens of little towns, each featuring lush and thick foliage. Taking a road trip through Westchester to view the changing leaves is a simple and enjoyable weekend getaway. For your fall viewing benefit, use our Westchester leaf peeping guide:

fall foliage westchester

1. Sleepy Hollow Village – Kingsland Point Park

Quite literally the Sleepy Hollow from the story, this town features Kingsland Point Park, one of the first parks in the region. Stroll through the 18-acres with views of the leaves, the river, and the historic Tarrytown Lighthouse.

2. Peekskill – Bear Mountain Bridge

Few fall foliage experiences can top the beautiful Bear Mountain Bridge. Drive to the bridge, park, and then walk across the beautiful bridge featuring magnificent views of the fall foliage. This is an iconic spot for locals, and if you find yourselves at the bridge in the morning, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a few other leaf peepers.

3. Mohonk Preserve – Skytop Tower

The Mohonk Preserve is New York’s largest nonprofit nature preserve. It’s comprised of over 8,000 acres of mountain ridges, forests, fields, streams, ponds, and more. It’s stunning year-round, but autumn takes the cake for most scenic! Within the preserve lies the Skytop Tower, which you can climb to the top of Skytop tower for unparalleled views! Croton Dam.

Plan Your Westchester Getaway

4. Croton Gorge Park

fall foliage westchester Croton Gorge Park
Source: Wikipedia

Another incredible spot to view fall foliage, the Croton Dam is found in the Croton Gorge Park, which is 97 acres at the base of the dam. Fishing, picnicking, and hiking are all popular activities in the park. Aside from the pretty leaves, the other reason to visit this spot is the huge waterfall cascading down the gorge.

5. Drive… Anywhere!

Perhaps the best part of leaf peeping trip to Westchester is that the leaves are just everywhere! Simply driving around, staying in one of the beautiful hotels, or going for a stroll will afford you front row seats to the colorful scenery.

In between strolls and drives, sit back and relax within the cozy Doral Arrowwood Resort. Located in Rye Brook, one of Westchester’s towns, Doral Arrowwood is nestled on 114 acres of wooded land. Views of the foliage are abundant! Book your stay today!

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