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White Plains, Westchester, NY, United States for A Little Back to School Treat For The Parents of College Kids in Westchester, New York

There’s always ample information for parents of young children on what do and see in any given destination. Yet, what about the parents of college-age kids? This demographic of people will, presumably, be visiting the area their children are going to college in over the years. Visits to help with move ins, to comfort their children when they’re homesick, and eventually, to watch them graduate.


If you happen to be a parent of a college kid, and your child is going to college in or around Westchester, New York, we’ve got the goods you need. A quick and easy-to-read guide on the best of Westchester for your use over the years!

What to do in Westchester, New York – a College Parent’s Guide

Fun With, or Without, Your College Kid

westchester, ny
Source: Harbor Island Beer Festival

At some point during your visit, you might want to head out on the town for a fun evening! Maybe young John or Ashley will be tagging along, or maybe not (college kids and their social lives), either way here are some fun ways to enjoy the area:

  • Ha! Comedy Club – The new, and only, comedy club in the area. A trip here is guaranteed to make you laugh!
  • Clay Art Center – Cladies Night, a once a month evening of learning to make art with your friends in the actual art studio! Schedule your visits around your fun new art class. 
  • Harbor Island Beer Festival – A once a year event, conveniently happening in September. An event that’s so enticing, you may just pop in for a surprise visit!

Sample The History

There’s no lack of history in this part of the country, and there are numerous beautiful, fun, and exciting ways to take it all in. Spend an afternoon exploring the Rockefeller Estate, known as Kykuit. Take a moment to appreciate the intense beauty of the stain glass windows at the Union Church, windows which were created by Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall. Read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and then visit the real town located right here in Westchester County!

Plan Your Westchester Visit!

Experience the Culture

westchester, ny
The Pelham Picture House

Westchester County has been around the block, so to speak, and as a result, has a rich and faceted culture. Across the county, there are a variety of establishments and sights to enjoy that will give a little insight into the culture of the region. We recommend visiting:

  • The Pelham Picture House – Historical, charming, recently renovated, this is a theater filled with class and personality!
  • Take the Train! – Take in the beauty of the Hudson River as you ride on the Metro-North Hudson Line.
  • Pick Apples at Outhouse Orchards – Enjoy gorgeous views of Westchester, pick some apples on a farm that’s been around since the 1890s, and bring home a pie for later!

Bask in The Magnificent Nature

Want to spend a bit of time out-of-doors with your college-aged-baby before heading home? Excellent idea, Westchester County is nothing if not scenic! Rent bikes and make your way along the Bronx River River Parkway for a lovely morning. Go for a hike along the aesthetically pleasing Aqueduct Trail. Spend an afternoon at the lovely Rockefeller State Park Preserve, an open space with over 1,200 acres to enjoy. Have a picnic, go for a stroll, ride a horse and more!

Last, but not least, relax in between excursions, orientations, Target runs, lunch dates, campus tours, and more. Bring your child back to your hotel for a little well deserved R&R. Play a round of golf, dine in style, or relax in your luxurious hotel room. All of this, and much more is possible with a stay at Doral Arrowwood, Westchester County’s premier luxury hotel.

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