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White Plains, Westchester, NY, United States for Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Team With These Simple Team-Building Exercises

Everything in about relationships. Sure, that may sound like a giant generalization, but in reality, it’s monumentally true. Familial relationships drive most of our actions in our personal lives, and business relationships drive most of our actions in our careers.


Fostering and building strong relationships in the business world will help ensure success and prosperity. Which is exactly why team building is crucial to the healthy relationship building within any company. Teams who work well together are more efficient, productive, and overall successful. With months left yet of warm, sunshine-filled days, the time is ripe to host a team-building session or two with your team.

Fun Team Building Ideas

There’s no need to worry or stress over team-building, it’s meant to fun and foster a positive environment. The great news is that it’s not difficult to execute actual fun and effective team-building exercises.  To help get you started, here are some of our favorite fun team team-building ideas. Enjoy!

Geocache Adventure

fun team building ideasIt’s one thing to sit in a room and team build, but it’s a whole other adventure to send your team out and about. Geocaching is an engaging and refreshing way to foster connections among your team. Think of the geocache as a scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates. What’s extra rad about geocaching, is that you can use it to serve two purposes. 1. The team will have to work together to find the geocaches and 2. You can have the clues they find along the way result in an important message or even an announcement! If you’re planning on hosting your team building event off-site at a hotel, for example, work with your point of contact to help set up a fun course around the property!

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A Single Question

Critical thinking is a skill that needs exercising now and again. In this exercise, brainstorm a few scenarios in which one of your team members might be chosen to hire someone, choose a project leader or even command an army. Then, ask each team member to produce a single question to ask the potential candidate to determine if they are, in fact, fit for the job. After revealing each person’s question, have the group discuss which question they think is best, and why. This will give everyone insight into the different ways of thinking and brainstorming each team member has.

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Sharpen Those Listening Skills

A very simple yet effective team building to exercise listening skills is the blind-count-off game. Assemble your team in a circle with everyone facing outward (away from one another). Being by saying aloud the number one, and have the team count as high as they can with only one person saying the next number at a time. We recommend setting a time limit – i.e. 10 minutes until the game commences.

Build a Tent, Without Any Eyes

Tent building is a true test of patience and communication. Add in a blindfold and you’ve got a recipe for a fun challenge! Split your team into groups and give each group a tent. Allow them to, first, set up the tent together without blindfolds. Then after each group has become more familiar with their tent, have them put on the blindfolds, give them a time limit, and go!

Think Fast

Give each team a list of items and a pen. Set up the scenario – while sailing on a boat, an accident sets the boat on fire and the team has just enough time to grab a few items at hand. The team must decide which items are top priority. Have the team work together to rank the items in order of importance.

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Group Adventure

Aside from games and exercises, another great way to foster team-building and relationship building is to simply put the team together in an environment outside the office. Even just having the team have an experience outside the norm is a great team building method! Ideas here include:

  • Yoga Class
  • Stand up Paddle Yoga Class
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Team Golf
  • Obstacle Course
  • Cuisine Tasting

There are infinite ways to encourage and host team-building, all it really takes is a bit of creativity and planning! If you’re short on time you can do most of the above-mentioned activities on-site. As we mentioned though, getting the team out of their normal surroundings and environment will help them get to know one another on a deeper and fresher level. For assistance in planning and executing your event visit offsite or in your offices contact True North Team Building.

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