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White Plains, Westchester, NY, United States for It’s Engagement Season! Find Out Why Fall is The Best Time to Propose

Once the heat of summer passes and the cool, exciting mood of autumn sets in, love is in the air more than ever before. Technically proposal season is Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, but we firmly believe fall is the real MVP when it comes to proposing. Starting as early as September, the reasons to propose this time of year are abundant; here are a few of our favorites.


Wondering When to Propose? It’s Fall! Here’s Why

Inspiring Scenery

when to proposeThere’s fall foliage, and then there’s mind-blowing, completely gorgeous, how-is-this-real fall foliage. The latter is 100% the perfect setting to drop down on one knee and ask your love for forever. Not only will you two be blissfully happy, but the photos of this proposal will warm your hearts for decades to come.

Tip – Westchester County and the Hudson Valley regions of New York are fall foliage meccas.

Plan Your Fall Getaway!

Cozy Weather

Refreshing, invigorating, energizing, and completely cuddle-inducing are the best words to describe fall weather. Especially following the heat of summer, everyone is in the mood for a romantic stroll in the fall. Whether it’s a sunny fall day, a gloomy fall day, or even a rainy fall day, the mood is set for cuddles, drinks, and proposing.

Tip – Anything involving an orchard, wagon, hay, or gorgeous fall scenery will be a lovely backdrop for the big question.  

Plenty of Chances to Share the Celebration With Family

Autumn brings festivals, holidays, and lots of family time. No matter when you propose during the fall, the chances are the two of you will get to share your joy with your families soon after. Fall and early winter are rare times of the year when getting together with the entire family occurs at least twice, and sometimes more!

when to propose

Stay Ahead of the Masses

As mentioned, proposal season is from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day. If you pop the question in September, October, or early November, you’ll be well ahead of the crowd! All of the congratulatory attention will be on you two, and you won’t have to share toasts with your cousin George and his fiancee Katie, for example.

Plenty of Time to Plan the Wedding

A fall proposal means ample time to plan the wedding, regardless of which season you’d like to get married in. If you wish to get married in late summer or early fall, that will leave you with an entire year to plan. For a winter wedding, you’ll have a little over a year. If you two have your hearts set on a spring wedding, that’s at least six months to plan, or a year and a half if you want more time.

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Affordable Getaway Prices

Once the holiday season sets in, booking a weekend (or longer) getaway to propose becomes very pricey. Stay ahead of the cost increase by proposing in the fall!

The hint of the holidays, cooling temperatures, and vibrant foliage all combine to create an ambiance of romance each fall. Truly, any time of the year you feel compelled to propose will be perfect, but there’s just something about a fall proposal that’s simply marvelous.

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