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White Plains, Westchester, NY, United States for We’ve Got The What, Why, and Where of Your Fall Golf Getaway

Crisp everything – leaves, air, and your golf game. Autumn is, without a doubt, the best season to play golf. Sure, golf is fun in the summer, spring, and winter (if you live somewhere where “winter” is warm that is), but none of those seasons are quite as spectacular as the fall. Being surrounded by blazing shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple leaves is inspiring to say the least! The reasons to plan a few trips to the course during the autumn season are numerous, here are a few you can mull over.


Fall Golf Getaway Packages – Why You Need One Now!

You Will Have All The Space

fall golf getaway packagesPlaying a round stuck behind one or more groups going at a slower pace is maddening, as is feeling rushed when the group behind you is anxious to get going.  In the fall, fewer people are playing which means there’s a chance you can have the course all to yourselves! No need to rush or be slowed down. Take it at your own pace.

Get in Some Time With The Pro(s)

Now that the busy season is over, the in-demand golf pros are likely to have more time. Go ahead and book all of those one-on-ones that were challenging to schedule during summer. If you’ve been playing all summer long, your game is likely at its strongest! Be prepared to amaze the golf pro and yourself!

Book a Tee Time Now

Save Money to Spend on New Accessories

Once the summer crowds thin, typically, golf courses offer discounts to encourage people to keep golfing. With your golf savings, why not splurge on the new accessories you’ve had your eye on?

Fairway Heaven

fall golf getaway packagesBetween cooler temperatures and months of constant manicuring, courses are at their finest in the autumn. Who wouldn’t want to play golf on a pristine course?

It’s The Perfect Time For a Golf Getaway

No more summer heat, plenty of gorgeous countryside scenery, and the promise of endless rounds – there are plenty of reasons to plan a  fall golf getaway! Oh, and did we mention prices are usually lower as well? Winning all around.

Ready to start planning a golf getaway? We know just the place. Set within the blissful countryside of Westchester, New York, lies Doral Arrowwood an 114-acre playground. The resort’s golf course is an expertly designed course by Robert Von Hagge, the mastermind who created the Blue Monster in Miami. Though all of New York will be boasting a gorgeous array of fall colors, at Doral Arrowwood guests are enveloped in the beauty. The resort is surrounded by trees which erupt into color each fall. Truly, there’s no better place for leaf peeping and golf playing.

This fall, Doral Arrowwood is offering an Unlimited Golf Stay and Play Package which includes accommodations, buffet breakfast, unlimited golf for one or two, and unlimited range use. Sweep your sweetheart off her feet, plan a guy’s getaway, or opt for a solo vacation. However you enjoy your game, Doral Arrowwood won’t disappoint!

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