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White Plains, Westchester, NY, USA for 8 Unexpected Love-Filled Gestures This Valentine’s Day

simple gestures of love

Looking to make your significant other’s heart sing with love and romance? ‘Tis the season of love after all, and why do all the usual things when you can do something utterly unexpected?


Valentine’s season is a chance to show people you care. There is no rule that Valentine’s Day is reserved for lovers only. This can be your year of showing a friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, co-worker, OR significant other just how special they are to you. Whether you intend to make a grand sweeping romantic gesture or remind mom how much you love her, Valentine’s Day sets the stage for you to do so.

Simple Gestures of Love for a Special Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes and red roses are lovely gifts, but if you fancy yourselves less traditional and more original, consider trying out one of these unexpected gestures for Valentine’s Day this year:

1. Make a Phone Call

In this day of corresponding via text and social media, it’s altogether unusual to call someone. If you do have a romantic partner, it’s likely you already call them. So, how about taking some time to call your grandmother? Or how about calling your brother for a change? Send some love by the simple act of making a phone call!

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2. Pick up Their Favorite Meal

Who wouldn’t want to be surprised with Thai takeout, for example? How about a box of chocolates accompanied by Chicken Tikka Masala? Whether you surprise your sweetheart during her lunch break or surprise your sister at her apartment, you will melt a heart with your Postmates-esque delivery!

simple gestures of love

3. Plan a Date Based on His or Her Interests

How often does your significant other invited you to yoga class with her? And how often do you attend? Being in love will never mean sharing all of the same interests, but it can be immensely meaningful to make a point of supporting one another’s interests. Surprise your Valentine, or best friend, by making a date to go to go rock climbing, practice yoga, try a paint-and-wine night or any number of experiences and adventures.

4. Take Lots of Notes and Compile Them

In this age of constant distractions, the most powerful act is to notice. Leading up to Valentine’s Day start taking notes on all the little things you notice about your sweetheart. Compile your notes in a notebook or a card, and then present it to your love. Watch his or her heart melt as they read about how much you care about (and notice) them!

simple gestures of love

5. Face Your Fear For Them

Has your best friend always wanted you to come skiing with her but, you’ve been afraid to try? Working past a fear to join a loved one on an activity they love is a beautiful gesture.

6. A Handmade Invitation To Watch The Sunset

Sunsets happen daily, but somehow they never cease to be spectacular. Just like your love. Invite your love to watch the sunset with you by delivering him or her a hand-made note. Perhaps accompanied by flowers!

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7. Book a Cooking Class

Does dad love to cook? A fun, engaging, and delicious way to bond with a loved one is during a cooking class! Learn how to cook pasta like an Italian chef, make the best brunch of all time, or bake a winning pie.

8. Plan a Trip

Does your significant other love to explore? Are you the opposite of the planning type? Surprise your sweetheart by planning out an entire day, weekend, or week-long trip! Start small this year, perhaps it’s just a day or weekend away. Even if you don’t have time to go away Valentine’s weekend, you can surprise her with the plan on Valentine’s Day and name the date that you will be traveling!

The point of Valentine’s Day is simple to spread the love! Whether you want to go the traditional route, use some of our unusual ideas, or create your own ideas, we hope this year is the most love-filled yet!

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