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In case you’re arranging an outing to New Orleans for the food, the music, and the sights, don’t forget to do a little experience in your schedule. New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours are guided by local Louisiana state naturalists and our guides take the tourists into the core of one of the most diverse habitats for plants and wildlife in the country, where one finds out the extraordinary floras and faunas and how they have their effect on the environment. Our tour guides are focused on guiding the tourists to the hidden spots that most people never observe, allowing them to fish and take photographs along the way.

Navigation and the Kayaks
Numerous individuals visit New Orleans and leave without encountering the magnificence of the bogs, wetlands, and marshes of the city. There are various visits out there, and the guides of New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours need to ensure that they differentiate us from all of those. Therefore, the our guides concentrates on offering an ecological tour that does not feed wildlife and misuse the silent way for moving towards the wildlife in a kayak. With us, you’ll make memoirs that will explore the magnificence of the swamps and the plantations. Small tourists groups are beautifully led by our incredible eco-guides.

Things to see
This tours will take you through delightful cypresses, relinquished houseboats, and exotic wild creatures. Areas include Manchac Swamp, Pearl River, Honey Island Swamp, and Cane Bayou, where you can watch wildlife, for example, turtles, alligators, bald eagles, blue herons, woodpeckers, minks, otters, pigs, deer and, maybe, the subtle beast of the marsh of the honey island.

The beauty of the visit
what makes this tour different from the other swamp a tour is that this tour offers an increasingly rugged perspective. While this swamp tour isn’t visually perfect (sometimes littered with waste) it offers the opportunity to be an eco-tourist and realizing you had a little yet some huge effect. It is a wide variety of observations; a swamp, a bar, a river, spooky house boats, an old logging zone, the old genuine detective is set in there play area! It’s crude fun, you might not have any desire to return and in the event that you hear banjos, continue paddling!

Where I stayed / started

New Orleans

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