Willamette Foothills, OR for Salmon Falls Swimming & Cliff Jumping

I took a day trip with some friends out to Salmon Falls from my Portland hometown. I’m an avid fan of anything that gets the blood moving. I’ve been on every roller coaster I’ve ever seen and have sky dived a couple of times. Bungee jumping is on my to do list, and I headed to Salmon Falls to conquer another bucket list item – cliff jumping. The actual falls themselves are twins – two 24 foot drops side-by-side – with an adjacent 22-foot concrete fish ladder on the south side.

There is a park surrounding the falls, with picnicking areas and such. It was summer time, so it was a little crowded. There are a lot of popular swimming holes nearby. (Next time we’ll make our way to Opal Creek or Three Pools.)

We had to go up the river bank a little bit to find somewhere to lay out our lounging gear and food. Once we were all settled, we tested the water (bad idea. It’s really cold. Just save it for the jump.) and climbed up the fish ladder to make our plunge. Needless to say, once I caught my breath, I was exhilarated. I think I jumped like five times that day. I’m hooked.

Insider Tip

Bring a fluffly towel. The water is freaking cold.

Where I stayed / started

Salmon Falls

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