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Willemstad, Curaçao for 4 Easy Planning Tips to Ensure a Fun and Stress-Free Spring Break With Kids

Spring break comes around once a year, but being prepared in advance isn’t always easy. Life moves quickly, and before we know it we have vacation time without a plan! When we’re young and unattached not having a plan is part of the excitement of being alive. Transitioning into the stage of life where a partner and kids are involved, though, is a whole other story!


How to Spring Break with Kids

Once we become parents, advance planning for family vacations becomes key to the success and enjoyment of the vacations. Taking some time to consider spring break is a great idea now that the holiday season is over and the winter months loom ahead. Be ahead of the curve and decide where to spring break now so that your family can have a pleasant experience and make lifelong memories – the good kind! To help out, use these four simple spring break planning tips:

Choose a Family-Oriented Destination

Decide what type of vacation you’re looking for – somewhere beachy? Mountains? Theme parks? Settle on the type of vacation and then focus on finding a destination within your paraments that is family oriented. Family oriented meaning a hotel, resort, or town that emphasizes family activities and is set-up to host family units seamlessly. How can you tell? Usually, family-focused hotels depict as much on their websites. As you scroll through a given website, notice if there are photos of families, kid-friendly activities listed, etc.

Pro tip – Consider what types of activities each family member enjoys, and try to find a destination that offers plenty for all!

Find a Resort With a Kids Camp

Spring break features the word “break” because the intent of the time off is for everyone to relax. As a parent, relaxing isn’t easy to do. Parents are in demand 24/7 and having even five minutes alone can be a rarity. As parents, in order to relax, we need to know our kids are happily occupied and safe, right? While planning, look for resorts that feature a kids camp. If the kids have somewhere fun to hang out all day, or even just part of the day, you’ll get a chance to relax too! Imagine yourself beachside, poolside, or elsewhere, with the peace of mind that your children are having an awesome time at camp, well looked after.

At Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, we offer Camp Arawak. When families come to stay, they have the option to send their kids to Camp Arawak hourly, for a half day, or a full day! Arts and crafts, nature walks, water sports, snorkeling, and board games are a few examples of what the kids might get to do at camp. Though parents worry that their kids will be sad without them, the reality is often that the kids have so much fun at camp, they can’t wait to go back!

Pro Tip – Depending on how long you are staying at the resort, you could have the kids at camp some days, and engage in family activities on the other days! This way, everyone gets to have fun together and apart.

Consider Possible Picky Eaters

Appeasing all palates during vacation is not always a simple task, but it can be made simpler by one thing – choosing a hotel or resort that has options. Even if your children are satisfied with a hamburger for dinner days in a row, you and your partner may wish to expand your choices. Opt for a resort with more than one dining establishment.  

Pro tip – Check out the menus of each dining establishment online, if possible, to ensure there are plenty of options for all family members.

Reach Out to The Resort For Assistance Planning

Once you’ve settled on a destination and resort, take advantage of the insights of the resort team. No one knows the ins and outs of a destination better than those who live and work there! Reach out to the contact listed on your preferred resort’s website and ask them all of your questions. Additionally, you can ask for assistance in booking snorkel tours, jet ski rentals, spa treatments and more!

Pro Tip – Ask a resort team member which activities they might recommend to their friends and family!

That’s it folks, four relatively simple steps to take and considerations to make while planning to ensure a great spring break trip! Spring break can, and will be a time for the kids to expand their horizons and for parents to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. At Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, specifically, we know you’ll find the perfect blend of family bonding time and parental rejuvenation time! Even if spring break is a few months away, getting all of your planning and booking out of the way now will allow you to sit back, relax, and savor when the time comes!

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