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Willemstad, Curaçao for A Mother’s Day Unlike Any Other, The Gift of Adventure

unique mothers day gift ideas

Every year come spring, Mother’s Day ideas and gifts are suggested online, inside stores, and among friends. Many of the proposed activities or gift ideas are within the areas of beauty, flowers, and consumable items.


For those Mother’s children who are looking for something less conventional and more out of the box, we’ve got a fresh concept for you.

Give mom the gift of encouragement out of her comfort zone! Sometimes we all need a little push to venture out of what we’re comfortable with. Whether it be snorkeling for the first time or jumping out of an airplane, most of us dream of trying new things but can’t always work up the courage to do it.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are so many exciting, fun, and only-slightly-scary ways you can gift mom an adventure out of her comfort zone, here are a few of our favorites:

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Travel Someplace New

Do you have the kind of mom who prefers to live vicariously through your travels, but secretly wishes you would take her with you? This year consider doing exactly that! If you’re headed somewhere new or dreaming of your next trip, do a little sleuthing to discern if it would be possible to bring mom along. Even if the trip isn’t on or around Mother’s Day, you can surprise her with the idea, or plane tickets, on Mother’s Day!

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Explore a Cave

Has mom ever ventured into a cave? One of our planet’s most fascinating natural features, caves offer a true sense of adventure, and there are so many different types! Take mom on a tour of a well-lit dry cave, book a spelunking tour, or swim into an underwater cave!

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Meet New Fish Friends

In between building a career and raising a family, some moms may have never gotten the chance to adventure underwater. It’s one thing to try something new on dry land, but it’s a whole other adrenaline-rush to visit the marine world. If you think she would enjoy it, take your mom snorkeling! For her first time, it might be nice to go on a guided tour, preferably somewhere nice and warm with crystal clear water! Or, mom may already love snorkeling, but has yet to try scuba diving! Maybe it’s time you gifted her a scuba course!

unique mothers day gift ideas

Get Her on Two-Wheels

Does your mom love to move fast? Is she a great bike rider? If so, she might love the chance to try mountain biking! Even if you’ve never been, you can sign her up for a lesson or tour where an expert will teach her everything she needs to know!

Take Her Out on The Sea

Is mom semi-afraid of the sea? Perhaps she is too timid to snorkel or scuba dive, but she might be ready to sail, boat, or ski across the ocean. Take her somewhere tropical and head out on a sailing, boating, or jet-skiing excursion. The sparkling water and soft breeze will ensure it’s a Mother’s Day she will never forget.

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Plan a Day of Discovery

Perhaps your mom isn’t quite up for getting out of her comfort zone in a big way but would love small steps away, instead. Consider planning a day of discovery. For example, if she’s never tried a particular cuisine, have her try it. If she’s never gotten a massage, book one for her. Has she always wanted to try a yoga class but felt shy? Go to a yoga class with her! You can spend all day showering your mom with love, support, and memory-making!

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Mom’s bring us into this world, love us unconditionally, and try to support us in as many ways as possible. Undoubtedly you tell and show your mom how much she means to you regularly, and Mother’s Day is another chance to do exactly that. Mom’s typically say the greatest gift they can receive is their children, so giving mom your love plus an adventure is a recipe for extreme success!

Gift your mom a trip filled with new experiences by treating her to a stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on the Caribbean island of Curacao. We’ve got everything you need to pamper her, encourage her out of her comfort zone, and spend loads of quality time together.

We want to wish all the Mother’s a very happy Mother’s Day!

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