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Willemstad, Curacao for Curacao is the Premier Golf Destination, Here’s Why

There’s playing golf, and then there’s playing golf in the Caribbean. Few places in the world are as idyllic for golf as the Caribbean, and within the Caribbean, few islands compare to Curacao. If you have yet to visit the Caribbean to play golf, allow us to illuminate further what you can expect to enjoy while here.


5 Reasons You’ll Love Playing Golf on Curacao


1. Soft, Warm, Breeze


Imagine, making your way through each hole, the sun shining overhead. Every few moments, a pleasantly refreshing sea breeze ruffles your hair, tousles your clothes, and leaves you feeling more tranquil than ever before. Chances are, your golf game will improve because your mind will be entirely at ease.

2. Ideal Temperature

The Caribbean is a famous and popular vacation destination for good reason; the weather is just divine. Curacao, specifically, is more of a desert climate, so it does not have humid heat, but rather a dry heat. This means even on the hotter days the weather is lovely.

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3. You Can Vacation Anytime

There is never a month where it’s too cold to be outside enjoying a round of golf, and since the island has a desert climate, it gets very little rain. Oh, and did we mention Curacao lies below the hurricane belt? No need to worry about inclement weather. This island has no true off-season! Vacation on Curacao any time of the year!

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4. Magnificent Views

Aside from the weather, the other main reason people love to play golf in the Caribbean is because of the spectacular views. Every golf course will offer a different view, but on Curacao, one of the most magnificent golf course views is at The Old Quarry Golf Course at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The views will leave you feeling inspired and coming back year after year!

5. The Island Vibe

While in the Caribbean, you’ll be encouraged to partake in the island mentality of tranquility. Rather than feeling in a rush or squeezing in a game when you can, islanders love to take their time and savor. Golfing in the Caribbean moves at a slower pace, giving everyone plenty of time to soak in the sun, enjoy the breeze, and make the most of the experience.

Go ahead, start planning your golf getaway! Book your stay at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and count down the days until you’ll be enjoying the sea breeze, views, and the engaging Pete Dye-designed 18-hole course. We hope to see you soon for your tee time!

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