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Willemstad, Curaçao for Every Kind of Water Adventure Awaits at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

what to do in curacao

Without a doubt, the most enticing aspect of the Caribbean is it’s sparkling, beautiful, and delightfully warm sea. Few other bodies of water, in the entire world, are as enjoyable to look at, sail across or swim in than the Caribbean sea.


What’s more is that there’s never a time one can’t swim in the sea. Especially off the coast of certain Caribbean islands that lie well out of the way of the hurricane belt. With year-round tepid water temperatures and little to no threat of foul weather, the island of Curacao, for example, is the ideal Caribbean sea playground. Known for its unique desert climate and fascinating centuries-old history, Curacao is an off-the-beaten-path island and ripe for your exploration!

What to Do in Curacao – For Sea Lovers!

For all of you sea lovers, we’ve got some excellent news for you today! One of Curacao’s most luxurious resorts, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, has recently installed two water-focused companies on-site, ensuring that every guest has the opportunity to engage with the Caribbean Sea in his or her preferred way. Whether you intend to spend your time under the sea, sailing across the sea, or frolicking on the sea, Santa Barbara has the ideal water experience for you.

Breeze Adventures

what to do in curacaoFor all water sports activities and boat trips, Breeze Adventures is the new go-to at the resort. You can head to the watersports hut at the beach on-site and peruse their many offerings including:

  • Stand up Paddle Board rentals
  • Kayak rentals
  • Floating beds
  • Floating mats
  • Trips to Klein Curacao, which is a small island a few hours off the coast of Curacao, it’s quite the adventure!
  • Sunset Trips
  • Private boat trips
  • Fishing Trips
  • Wakeboarding and tubing
  • Jet skis

Breeze (On Land)

BONUS! Breeze Adventures also offers Land Rover and Unimog guided safaris as well as buggy adventures on and off property.

Epsilon Dive Center

For those visiting the island that are amped to get up close and personal with the entire world that lies below the surface of the sea, then Epsilon Diver Center will hook you up. Though Curacao is filled with dive companies, Epsilon is one of the only five-star dive centers. Truly the instructors and dive masters at Epsilon are top-notch, and you will have an incredible experience! Choose from the following experiences:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Scuba Diving Courses
  • Snorkel and Fin Rentals
  • Snorkel Trips
  • Underwater scooters

On top of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort adding these two companies to the team, you can always enjoy relaxing by the pool or at the on-site beach. There are truly no limits to how you can enjoy the Caribbean Sea. You can spend every single day of your vacation in, on, or under the water. Balance out your days between sea adventures and poolside lounging. Whatever your heart desires, the team at Santa Barbara will help you make it happen! Book your stay today and get ready for some fun in the sun, sea, and sand!

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