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Willemstad, Curaçao for Exploring The Many Adventures and Excursions Offered at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

What to do at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

People travel from all around the world to stay here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, on the Caribbean island of Curacao, to soak in the blissful sunshine, sea, and sand. Many vacationers who want nothing more than to relax by the pool, lay out on the beach, and indulge in all the spa treatments.


On the other hand, there are plenty of guests who want more of a blend, relaxation some days or parts of each day, and adventure and exploration the other days. Though we are a luxury resort, we offer an incredible array of tours, excursions, and experiences that we want to share with you! If you’re curious about all the things you can do and see while vacationing at Santa Barbara, here’s the low-down:

What to do at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Jet Ski Tours With Breeze Adventures

There are many ways to enjoy the glistening Caribbean Sea, but perhaps none are so fun as jet skiing! Picture yourself whizzing across the hues of turquoise, the wind whipping through your hair, and feeling complete exhilaration. We love jet skiing, and have recently added Breeze Adventures tour company to our resort, enabling you book jet skis on-site!

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Discover What Lies Beneath the Sea With Epsilon

Dive to the depths of the sea and see the Caribbean from an entirely different perspective. Curacao is a dive destination, meaning people travel from around the world just to check out the marine life and coral reefs here. Even if you’ve never dived before, no sweat, the team at Epsilon will teach you everything you need to know. There are a variety of ways to learn to scuba dive, do it for just a few hours, or get certified to dive to a certain depth anywhere in the world. We’ve also recently added Epsilon to the team at Santa Barbara, so once again no need to leave the resort to book your dive tour.

what to do at santa barbara beach golf resort

Best of the West Beach Hopping Excursion

Curacao is filled with awe-inspiring beaches, imagine soft white sand, vibrant hues of blue, and idyllic weather. Being an island, Curacao has beaches virtually all around the island, but some of the most incredible beaches of all are found on the western part of the island. Very few people and structures, the western side is much wilder. It’s teeming with nature and wildlife and has fascinating layers of history. You can learn about this part of the island and the beaches for yourself on the Best of the West Beach Hopping Excursion. Contact us to find out more or ask the front desk team when you arrive at the resort!

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Island Hop to Klein Curacao

A few hours sail away, lies a tiny deserted island with nothing but wildlife and an old lighthouse. This island is sheer paradise, no one lives on it, and as a result, it’s exceptionally pristine. Chat with the team at the resort to discuss booking this tour. Keep in mind this is a full day tour!

what to do at santa barbara beach golf resort

Kayak Eco Safari

A little sightseeing and exercise is a fun way to explore the island, which you can experience while on a kayak eco-safari tour! You’ll paddle along the coastline off of the resort, viewing stunning limestone formations, colorful flora and fauna, and marine life. You’re welcome to jump out of your kayaks and swim around as much as you’d like to! You’ll have a guide to answer any questions and ensure you see as much as possible and enjoy yourselves. If you prefer, you can also do a SUP eco-safari tour.

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These are just five examples of what you can get into while at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, but they are certainly five of our favorites! Other options include mountain biking, hiking, sightseeing in Willemstad, and more. There are endless adventures to be had on Curacao, and you have access to all of them at the resort. If you have any further questions about our excursions and activities, check out the website, contact us, or simply have the front desk team help you plan once you arrive!

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