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Willemstad, Curacao for Let the Countdown to Paradise Begin; Planning a Spring Break Getaway to Curacao

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Everyone who lives somewhere with winter weather is probably dreaming about a tropical spring break locale, right about now. We can’t blame you, cold toes and frozen windshields are enough to make anyone dream of a getaway.


Now that the holiday season has passed, it’s time to look forward to a week of sunshine, sand, and a sea breeze, right? Spring break isn’t that far off, stay ahead of the curve and start planning your trip, today!

Spring Break in Curacao – What to Know

We’ve already got the first step covered for you; the destination. Curacao is among the most idyllic Caribbean islands, and bonus, it lies off the beaten tourist track in the southern Caribbean Sea.

To plan a spring break getaway to Curacao, here’s what you need to know:

Fly direct from Miami

Many routes will take you to Curacao, but if you’re looking for the most direct, head to Miami, Florida. You can also fly direct from Newark, New Jersey, Amsterdam, and Caracas. The flight from Newark is 4.5 hours, but from Miami, it’s a mere two hours!

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Curacao is under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Over its history, quite a few European nations tried their hand at conquering Curacao, and each one had a certain amount of success. In the end, the Kingdom of the Netherlands prevailed. As a result, Curacao has a heavy Dutch influence which can be experienced in the cuisine, language, and cultural traditions.

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Papiamentu is the most commonly spoken language.

English is widely spoken, so not to worry there, but the islanders themselves more frequently speak Papiamentu, which is a Creole language. It’s a mixture of Caribbean, African, and English dialects, words, and phrases.

There’s a beautiful blend of nature adventures and cultural exploration.

Some Caribbean islands mostly feature white sand beaches and little to no cultural institutions. Curacao, on the other hand, is known for it’s unique and colorful culture. What this means in terms of planning, is that you have the opportunity to balance between sunbathing and snorkeling, and touring Willemstaad and visiting museums.

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The most spectacular beaches are hidden.

Curacao has no shortage of amazing beaches to visit, but the beaches that will absolutely blow your mind are hidden in the northern part of the island in secret coves. We recommend you save a day for a beach hopping extravaganza, and this article will give you some ideas on which beaches to seek out. It might be fun to rent a car for the day, or hire a local guide to chauffeur you from beach to beach!

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Book accommodations as early as possible.

Yes, Curacao is not as well-known and visited as some of the other Caribbean islands, but those who do already know of it tend to come back year after year. This means that some of the most luxurious and picturesque resorts become booked for spring break well in advance. If you truly start planning in January, though, you should be able to choose whichever resort you desire! Don’t wait!

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is tucked away on a sprawling 2,000 acres of southwestern Curacao. Everything you could dream of experience in a single vacation awaits at Santa Barbara; snorkeling, poolside lounging, spa services, adventure packages, seaside golf, luxury dining, and more. Book your spring break getaway today and let the countdown to paradise, begin!

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