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Willemstad, Curaçao for Off the Beaten Track in The Caribbean: Discover the ABC Islands

ABC Caribbean Islands

When it comes to vacationing in the Caribbean, many people are unaware of just how many islands there really are, to choose from. In truth, there are over 700 islands that make up the land masses within the Caribbean, although not every island is sizeable enough to visit.


Still, even if there are only 100 to choose among, for example, that’s still more than most people will get to visit in a lifetime! You need never feel obligated to travel the beaten track within the Caribbean if you don’t wish to.

We’ll be the first to say you can’t go wrong, in the Caribbean, when it comes to choosing an island to visit. Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and inviting water combine to form a slice of paradise no matter where you visit. Yet, places such as Jamaica, Saint Martin, and the Bahamas have a never-ending stream of tourists, and for some travelers that isn’t the ideal situation.

ABC Caribbean Islands – What You Need to Know

Today, let us introduce to an island trio that offers the complete Caribbean experience without quite so many other visitors: the ABC islands. Out of the hundreds of islands to choose from, why plan a trip to hop among the three ABC islands?

abc caribbean islands

Rare Hurricane Occurrences

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are all located within 50 miles of each other, and they all fortuitously lie outside of the hurricane belt, making them safe to visit any month of the year. This makes planning fairly seamless considering you won’t have to consider the weather! You also won’t have to investigate if the beaches or resorts are in re-build mode after a devastating hurricane, as is the case on many other islands.

Varied Terrain

Unlike many of the other islands that offer the same terrain over and over, the ABC islands have some unique landscape features, flora, and fauna. Curacao, for example, is actually a desert island, featuring striking imagery of vibrant blue hues set against cacti and jagged cliff edges.

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Incredible Scuba Diving

Of the three islands, Bonaire is known for having the most spectacular diving spots. You’ll be able to swim with sea turtles, nurse sharks, stingrays, and more. Curacao boasts spectacular coral reef dives, and some very accessible shore dives, as well.

ultimate caribbean vacation ABC Caribbean Islands

Culture and History

Every island has its own cultural traditions and historical background, but few islands are as rich in either category as Curacao. The largest of the three islands, Curacao’s history is comprised of many different nations coming in to rule and cultivate the land. With over a dozen museums and a few UNESCO world heritage sites, there’s an abundant supply of cultural establishments to enjoy. Additionally, outside of Brazil, Curacao has one of the longest-running Carnival celebrations each year!

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Plenty of Wind

For beach lounging and swimming, calm skies are best. For those vacationers who can’t wait to head out on the water for wind and kite surfing, Aruba is the perfect island for that. With constant trade winds blowing, both beginner and professional wind and kite surfers will have a brilliant time.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Vibe

None of the ABC islands are unknown to other travelers, but each has the distinct vibe of being very much off-the-beaten-track. It could be because there are fewer flight routes to get down to them, or perhaps because they are so far south. Whatever the reason, when you arrive you’ll appreciate the laid-back, low-key vibe.

ABC Caribbean Islands

You Can Visit All Three, Easily!

Perhaps the best reason to head down to the ABC islands is that you can hop to and fro pretty easily. Curacao is 50 miles east of Aruba, Bonaire is 30 miles east of Curacao. Aruba and Bonaire are a 20-minute flight from Curacao. It’s super quick and easy to fly from one island to the next, and you can easily visit all three in the span of 1-2 weeks!

Don’t take our word for the magnificence of the ABC islands, visit and discover them for yourselves! For the most luxurious and scenic accommodations on Curacao, pay us a visit at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort! If you’d like any assistance planning a trip to the ABC islands, feel free to contact us at any time.

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