Wiseman, AK, United States for Crossing the Arctic Circle

The road was in good condition for our drive, we started in Fairbanks and ended up a little north of Wiseman. We went in August of last year, I was surprised while we were driving that the road was in good condition, no pot holes or corrugations, and in my opinion could have been driven by a standard vehicle. Although we had some friends loan us their 4 wheel drive. I imagine that since there are so many people saying to use 4 wheel drive that there are parts of the year that you will definitely need it. The road was slow partly due to stops for road work and also in places with a lot of loose gravel. It also did not feel very isolated when we got there. The Dalton highway is a fun road in which some sections are paved but you also get passed by many trucks so it is better to take it slow rather than to get a chipped windshield. You actually reach the Arctic Circle before Wiseman and make sure that you stop for a photo at the sign!


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Safe speeds for driving ranges from 30-50MPH | Coldfoot is 14 miles south of Wiseman and the last place for food and fuel.

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