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Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan for The Cup Noodle Museum

Yokohama is a city about 45 minutes away by train from Tokyo, also known as the “Bay City”. Yokohama is famous for their large China Town but recently, it’s become famous for the Cup Noodle Museum. That’s right, that Cup Noodle.

It was built a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to check it out since that was my main source of nutrition back in college – am I the only one? I didn’t think so.

A quick background about the Cup Noodle. A Japanese man named Momofuku Ando invented the Cup Noodle and since then, it’s grown into practically its own food group. In Japan, the Cup Noodle has many faces, not just your typical chicken, beef or shrimp you find in grocery stores here in the United States. They have endless amounts of flavors and even pasta!

The Cup Noodle Museum is simply put, a blast. The admission cost is approximately 800Y ($8 USD) which I think is extremely reasonable. The displays are engaging, interactive, thought-provoking and informational. I highly suggest watching the movie in the Momofuku Theatre and no worries, they have headphones you can borrow for English and a few other languages. The movie explains how Momofuku got to inventing the Cup Noodle; I won’t give away any spoilers but trust me, you’re going to be surprised.

One of the biggest attractions at the museum is the Cup Noodle Factory. This is where you can design your own Cup Noodle, flavor and add ingredients to it and shrink-wrap it to bring home! It’s fun for both kids and adults, only costing 300Y per cup ($3 USD) to make. They say you have to eat it within a month but I won’t be wasting that cup. It’s going to be on display!

Another attraction on the same floor as the Cup Noodle Factory is the Chicken Noodle Cooking Class. Momofuku’s very first invention was actually called the Chicken Ramen and at this class, you get to cook your own! I didn’t get the opportunity to take this class but it looked like a ton of fun through the glass. I believe it’s not much more than 5ooY ($5 USD) to participate.

Last but certainly not least, they have a cafeteria called the Noodle Bazaar. The inside is realistically decorated like a SE Asian marketplace with plenty of seating. There’s about 10 booths from different countries serving their own noodle dishes and specialty beverages imported from that country! They even thought about the fact that people will want to try several different dishes by making the dishes smaller and prices cheaper. One plate was approximately 300Y ($3 USD). It was so much fun to diversify my noodle palate!

I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in Japan; you won’t regret it!

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If you’re going during the weekend or a national holiday, purchase the Cup Noodle Factory and/or Chicken Noodle Cooking Class online!

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