Zagreb, Croatia for Museum of Illusions

Is anyone here fascinated with magic and illusions? Great! Me too! So, I’m taking you to the awesome Museum of Illusions in the Croatian capital city Zagreb!

The world that is absolutely blowing minds, but also helps learning some new and very interesting things is a must-do tip for all travelers who will this summer visit south-east Europe, possibly on your way to the stunning Croatian coastline… Make a stop in Zagreb, guys! You won’t regret it!

Museum of Illusions is a visual, intriguing and sensual experience, basically an entertaining tour to the world of illusions perfect for all generations, and a completely unique offer to this part of Europe. See your friends grow or shrink right before your eyes, defy gravity, get lost in a maze of mirrors, enjoy the large hologram exhibition and be amazed by every single illusion and installation of a museum that simply must squeeze into your #bucketlist for 2016!

There are over 70 exhibits displayed in the museum that teaches you about perception, vision, human brain and science, and there’s even a playroom with educational games and puzzles that often tend to be so much fun, and even frustrating at times.

The museum is open every single day from 9am to 10pm and it’s located right inside of the tourist trail of the Croatian capital, quite close to the Museum of Broken Relationships (that’s also a must-see place) and statue of the ban Josip Jelacic.

(pics: for indie voyager)

Where I stayed / started

72 Ilica street, Zagreb

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