Zion National Park, UT for an Incredible Natural Experience & Great Time with Friends

I went to Zion National Park with my husband and a few of our friends. We all went in on a cabin at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Five bedrooms, a full kitchen, a gas fireplace, wifi (although we barely touched our electronics the whole trip) – the works. But what was really impressive about our visit to Zion was the natural surroundings. It’s tough to explain just how beautiful this place is. It’s a perfect balance of greenery and desert landscape. Huge rock fixtures in bright reds, pinks, and oranges are a mainstay here. They were my favorite part of the scenery by far.

One of our four days there, the boys (and a couple of the girls) took advantage of the resort’s canyoneering adventure package, while the rest of us hung back, enjoying a leisurely hike, some impromptu yoga, a nice swim in their incredible pool, and maybe a little too much wine. That day (and pretty much all of them thereafter) ended with home cooked vittles, made with the haul of groceries we brought, lively games (primarily Cards Against Humanity), and beer (our uKegs are our best friends). What an incredible mini vacation.

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Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort


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